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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Laura McPhee on Pieter Breughel, The Artist Project, October, 2016



Laura McPhee & Virginia Beahan, No Ordinary Land, September, 2015

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The Boston Globe

The Discovery: Laura McPhee's 'The Home and the World', January 31, 2015 / By Jan Gardner

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Yale Art Books

Feeling at Home in Calcutta and Kolkata: Interview with Laura McPhee, January 30, 2015 / By David Ebony

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Places Journal

Across the Threshold: Laura McPhee's Calcutta, December, 2014 / By Alan Thomas

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The Washington Post

Seeing the Old World blend with the New in Calcutta, India's former Capital One, December 26, 2014 / By Nicole Crowder

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The Huffington Post

Laura McPhee: River of No Return, July 6, 2013 / By Stephen Knudsen


Landscape Stories

Laura McPhee: River of No Return, 2013


Flak Photo

The Collection, March 29, 2013