from Eye on the West: Photography and the Contemporary West

by George Miles / Yale University Press, 2018

Windows on an Ever-disappearing World by George Miles | read here

Laura McPhee on her photograph Trestle Bridge over the Salmon River, Clayton, Idaho | read here


from The Home and the World: A View of Calcutta

Photographs by Laura McPhee / Foreward by Amitav Ghosh / Essay by Romita Ray / Yale University Press, 2014

Foreward by Amitav Ghosh | read here

A Tale of Two Cities CALCUTTA / KOLKATA by Romita Ray | read here

A Note on the Portraits by Laura McPhee | read here


from River of No Return

Photographs by Laura McPhee / Foreward by Robert Hass / Essay by Joanne Lukitsh / Interview with Dabney Hailey / Yale University Press, 2008

Foreward by Robert Hass | read here

Place Above All Else: Laura McPhee’s River of No Return by Joanne Lukitsh | read here

An Interview with Laura McPhee by Dabney Hailey | read here


from No Ordinary Land

Photographs by Laura McPhee and Virginia Beahan / Aperture, New York, 1998

Introduction — Indivisibility by Rebecca Solnit | read here

Afterword — Laura & Virginia by John McPhee | read here

9431 alt v3.jpg

from Gateway: Visions for an Urban National Park

Photographs by Laura McPhee / Edited by Alexander Brash, Jamie Hand & Kate Orff / Princeton Architectural Press 2011

Editors Note | read here

Foreward by Fernanda Kellogg | read here

Introduction: An Urban National Park | read here

Cosmopoltian Ecologies by Kate Orff | read here

Preface by Tom Kiernan, Mark Wigley, and Olympia Kazi | read here